Posted on December 31, 2014

The Union Church partners with various non-government organizations (NGO’s) and faith based groups in El Salvador to serve the people in the country in a variety of ways. There are also a number of our members who serve in the following institutions :


LOVELINK :  Adolfo Keeling  , Sam & Juli e .        METAMORPHOSES :    Sam & Julie .     LOVE & HOPE : Rachel Sanson.     THE FATHERS HEART :  Samuel Okurut.      MI CASA  :  Bob McDonald.     LA CASA DE MI PADRE :    Gary & Sharon Powell.      SAMARITAN’S PURSE WATER FILTERS :  Ken Morrill      ENLACE :  Fritz & Andrew .       JONI & FRIENDS :  Pat Paul.         KID’S CLUB :   Chirstina  Fabietti.      BECA STUDENTS :  Bob McDonald & Hans.     BIBLE STUDENTS:  Jeff Pursley.    ENVISION & JENNIFER :  Richard Mollavax.     YWAM :   Jon & Daniel Syder.      MINISTRY TO THE DEAT : Toni McAndrews.

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Since 1993, ENLACE has been equipping church and community leaders to identify, design and manage sustainable initiatives in El Salvador. ENLACE has worked with community leaders to develop health, infrastructure and economic community development initiatives. Such initiatives include five water systems (benefiting over 15,000 people), micro-loans (1,600 loans totaling more than one million dollars), preventative health education, health clinics (250 people served per month), new block homes for more than 220 families, sanitation facilities for more than 300 families and many more  sustainable projects.    

My Father’s House

The vision of My Father’s House is to follow our Lord Jesus Christ in establishing permanent homes for the street/abandoned children of San Salvador, providing a place where they have the opportunity to live and grow in a loving Christian atmosphere, that is clean, safe and healthy.Learn more at their website.

Vinculo de Amor - EL SALVADOR Love Link was born out of the desire to give love, protection, and food to malnourished children in El Salvador. In El Salvador the incidence of infant malnutrition (children under five years of age) in 1990 was 50% (430,500 children). Of this number 15.2% (132,700 children) suffer from moderate and severe malnutrition (according to weight and age). Malnutrition primarily affects infants between 6 and 36 months of age (65.8% of the malnourished). There has not been a notable improvement in these figures in recent years. This implies that a large part of the pediatric population is at a great risk of contracting disease and dying if they do not receive nutritional intervention in time to permit their recuperation. They must regain not only their state of health and nutrition but also their potential for growth and development. This ministry was founded, and is still run by Sam and Julie Hawkins, both who attend Union Church. Learn more at their website.

Preliminary Volunteer Schedule for January – March

Posted on December 22, 2014

Hello Family in Christ!

Preliminary Volunteer Schedule for July & August. Please check if it interferes with any traveling plans you have for the rest of the summer and let us know to modify the schedule.

If you are not currently involved in any ministry, we would like to encourage you to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in any area where you feel gifted. The specific needs of our church are in the following areas:
-Nursery ,  -Sunday School  , -Announcements  , -Offering  ,  -Snacks    , -Parking lot
You’re welcome to serve in any area; the ones listed above are the ones that we’re short on.If you want to get involved, please reply to this email with the area you’re interested in serving to be added to the schedule.

Many Blessings
Erika Barlow