Who we are

The Union Church of San Salvador (UCSS) is an independent congregation serving the English speaking community in San Salvador.  Our church draws together believers of Jesus Christ from many denominations to worship Him together, to grow together, and to serve others together.

The uniqueness of our interdenominational congregation finds its clearest expression during worship on Sunday mornings.  Our worship is planned and led by volunteers from within the congregation, reflecting a variety of worship styles and traditions.  Our regular service normally includes the following:

  • A time of singing and adoration to God in a variety of traditions
  • A time of spiritual reflection and confession
  • A dedicated Sunday School for children
  • A time of hearing the preaching of God’s word
  • A time of offering
  • A time prayer and thanksgiving
  • A time of holy communion (1st Sunday of the month)

“Pastoral History of our Union Church of

San Salvador,  EL SALVADOR, C.A. ”

<< List of pastors who’ve served at the Union Church since 1946 >>

1) Thomas F. Dixon-   [1946-1959]

6) Bruce McCullough   –[1960-1968 ]

11) Garry   Buss –    [1976-1978]

16) Monroe Bell-  [1991-1994   ]

2) Roy MacNaught   (Co-Pr)- [1946-1948 ]

7) Paul Hunter –        [1968-1969]

12) Cubie   Ward – [1981- ]

17) J. Ray Hollis–       [1994-1996]

3) Roy J. Cedarholm (Co-Pr)–[1952-1953]

8) Wilbur Dierking-    [1970-1971]

13) David   Gruver – [1984-1977]

18) Donald R. Dawson-   [1997-8 ]

4) T. March(Co-Minister)   [1957-1958]

9) Robert Fisher –     [1971-1972]

14) Philip Saul- [1989   ]

19-Jeffrey Jacobson-   [1998-ZOo’S ]

5) Charles Carman –   [1959-1960]

10) David B. Brown–   [1973-1976]

15) John Galbre3th- [1990]

20) Peter Desoto–     [2008-2010]

21) Gary Powell –     [2010-2013]

Our roots

The Union Church of San Salvador traces its beginning to 1942 when Earl and Inez Terzian, a couple from the U.S., provided Sunday School to their children at home.  Soon, other families asked to join them and interest developed in establishing an English-speaking congregations.  The first worship service was held on July 7, 1946.

In 1974, work began on the church’s permanent home in Colonia La Mascota.  The first service was held there on May 11, 1975 From the time of its organization to the present, thousands of people from all over the world have been a part of the Union Church’s community of faith. The UCSS has been served by 21 pastors from a variety of denominations.