Kids Club

THURSDAYS AT 4:00PM  –  <<  Kid’s Club Ministry  2013(Club Niños)  >>

What is our ministry role:   45 minutes of intense Love -Club Niños meets every Thursday to provide activities, singing, lessons, and snacks to the children of the neighboring Mascota community. Volunteers are always appreciated and needed to serve in this incredible outreach. On average over 75 kids are served through this ministry. For more information contact us at:

1 John 3:18. Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in ACTION.

And our expectations:     They will learn about Good, Jesus, the Bible, and consequently become better human beings. BECAUSE you have committed to so willingly give of your time and talents.

We believe that all of us must have a clear vision and be unified to be effective; as Paul says in Philippians 2:2 “being pone in spirit and purpose”

I want you to have a great sense of joy and satisfaction as you serve God through the Kid’s Club Ministry.


  • You will grow in spiritual wisdom and strength as you prepare weekly for your Ministry.
  • You will feel personal satisfaction of knowing you have done your best to share the love of Christ with another person.
  • You will experience the joy of planting seeds
  • You will grow and learn to be a better parent.

Thank you for your excitement and commitment as we anticipate the great things God will be doing in Kid’s Club Ministry.